Free Trial vs Free Credits 1st IAP

New users are routed via two "funnels" depending on what option is active at the time of signing up, A) Free Trial, and B) Free Credits on 1st In-App Purchase.

Once a new users confirms their email, they are "locked" into the funnel that is activated at that time. We switch between the two options at random. If the "Free Trial" option is active, and you wish to take advantage of the offer, please confirm your email immediately after creating your account.

A) Free Trial

When this option (funnel) is active, new users receive free credits, once their email address is confirmed, so they can try out Shuffle at no cost. The free credits are enough for a 3-day number and a limited amount of calls, text and picture messages.

Users have the option to convert the 3-day "trial" number to a monthly number once they add more funds to their Shuffle account.

B) Free Credits on 1st In-App Purchase

When this option (funnel) is active, new users receive free credits once they made their first in-app purchase.

For example; User makes 1st in-app purchase for $0.99, Shuffle adds an additional $1.45 credits to their account. The user then has a total of $2.44 credits for Shuffle services.



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