Area Codes

Shuffle currently offers disposable "burner" phone numbers in all 50 states in the United States as well as all provinces and major cities in Canada.

If the area code you’re looking for is temporarily out of stock, we recommend using overlay area codes as a workaround.

List Of Area Codes

Exhausted Area Codes

In the US, there are some exhausted area codes in major metropolitan areas that Shuffle is unable to offer such as 602 (Phoenix) and 212 (New York). Also you might not find area codes that are relatively new in our inventory. An example of this would be 430 (Texas) numbers.

Canada also has a few exhausted area codes that Shuffle often isn’t able to carry. Examples of such area codes include but are not limited to 416 (Toronto), 519 (Southwestern Ontario), 905 (Greater Toronto Area/Golden Horseshoe) and 403 (Calgary) numbers.

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