What Happened To My Shuffle Number?

Your Shuffle number can only be removed from your account if any of the following criteria is true:

  • User Deleted: You, or someone with access to your phone, manually deleted the number via the app.
  • Set To Auto Expire: You set the number to auto expire at the end of the billing cycle. You would have received an in-app notice 3 days prior to expiry to give you the option to change it to auto renew.
  • Insufficient Funds To Auto Renew: Numbers are automatically deleted if you don’t have sufficient funds in your Shuffle account to renew it. We’ll send you an email reminder and an in-app notice 48 hours prior to renewal if you need to top-up your balance in order to renew a Shuffle number.

A number can't "disappear" from your account, the system logic and code has been reviewed and tested thoroughly by our engineers without fault.

Important: Once a number is deleted from your account, it is removed from our servers and released back to Twilio, our service provider. At this point we are unable to retrieve it and add it back to your account. Please ensure your account has sufficient credits for renewals.

Note: You need to manually complete an in-app purchase to add funds to your Shuffle account via the iTunes store. We don't automatically charge your iTunes account so a number can auto-renew should you have insufficient funds.

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