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Users in 35+ countries trust Shuffle to connect with alternative phone numbers to protect their privacy. Business or personal, we've got your number.

Use it for Dating/Hookups (Tinder, Grindr, Match, POF, Adult Sites), Marketplaces (Craigslist, Etsy, eBay), Social Networks (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn), or Freelance Projects (Freelancer, UpWork, Catalant) -- Shuffle is built for you!

Each Shuffle number comes with high-quality LTE and Wi-Fi voice calling, text/picture messaging and a unique voice mailbox.


TechCrunch: “Shuffle’s new iPhone app lets you create disposable phone numbers... and emails, too!”

The Next Web: “Shuffle lets you protect your phone number and email with disposable aliases.”

Killer Startups: “Take full control of your phone numbers, with Shuffle.”


Shuffle is the 'smart', easy and affordable way to inject much needed organization, simplicity and privacy into your day-to-day communications.

With plans starting at just $1.99/month, you can “shuffle” between numbers with just a tap of a button, keeping your personal life separate from your work and social life – and ensure the buyer for your car on Craigslist doesn’t have your personal contact details.


Use Shuffle like a regular phone to connect with other mobile users and landlines for low per minute rates, or free with other Shuffle users for calls and text/picture messaging.

Shuffle features high-quality LTE and Wi-Fi voice calling, text/picture messaging and a unique voicemail box. Calls, messages and voicemails are grouped by Shuffle number to keep your communications separated and organized.

Shuffle Numbers

Create multiple disposable “burner” Shuffle numbers in your local area code** to manage various personal or business needs and situations without having to expose your real number. Your Shuffle number is reserved for a month and will either auto-renew or expire depending on your preference settings and available credits.

Each Shuffle number comes with its own voice mailbox and personalized voicemail message using voice recording or text to speech functionality. Once you’re done using a Shuffle number, simply delete it and you can’t be reached on it again.

Voice Calls

You can place and receive high-quality LTE & Wi-Fi voice calls within the app. Calls are charged directly to your Shuffle account balance and not your network provider minutes. Calls between Shuffle users are free.

SMS & Picture Messages

Send and receive text messages from any mobile phone for low per message rates, or to/from other Shuffle users for free. Messages are charged to your Shuffle account balance, not your network provider text bundle, but all your Shuffle-to-Shuffle texts are always free.

Shuffle Email Aliases

A Shuffle Email Alias forwards messages to your regular email address so you don’t need to expose your actual email to possible email scraping when posting online.

e.g. Your Shuffle Email Alias, jg7h@shuffle.email, forwards messages to your regular, e.g. johndoe@gmail.com, inbox.

Pricing Model

Shuffle’s pricing model is completely transparent and very affordable. We don’t believe in the 'credit' model that disguises actual cost to users. Every Shuffle Number, Call, Text/Picture Message and Email Forwarding has a service cost to us. We simply pass along the cost for certain services with our markup added to it; in other cases we provide the service for free.


Shuffle is now available for download globally in all App Store territories.

Note: Even though the app is available for download in all countries, you can currently only create Shuffle numbers with US & Canadian area codes. Calls and Messages to/from numbers in other countries are not allowed at this stage.

Q: Why make Shuffle available for download in countries if I can only use US & Canadian numbers?

A: Users living outside the US & Canada can use Shuffle to connect with family, friends, personal and business contacts as if they were local at extremely low rates.

Download Shuffle on iTunes

** Area Codes: Shuffle currently offers "burner" phone numbers in all 50 states in the United States as well as all provinces and major cities in Canada. If the area code you’re looking for is temporarily out of stock, we recommend using overlay area codes as a workaround.

Calls and messages to/from numbers in other countries are not allowed at this stage. 


We have many amazing people working behind the scenes every day to make Shuffle an incredible experience for users. Shuffle's executive management and team of engineers, designers, strategists, etc. is spread across the US and Canada. 


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