Pricing Structure

Shuffle’s pricing model is completely transparent and very affordable. We don’t believe in the 'credit' model that disguises actual cost to users. Every Shuffle Number, Call, Text/Picture Message and Email Forwarding has a service cost to us. We simply pass along the cost for certain services with our markup added to it, in other cases we provide the service for free.

Shuffle’s billing basically works like a pre-paid phone service. We deduct service fees from your account balance as per our pricing model below. All prices are US$ for local US/Canadian communication. 

Phone Numbers

  • Monthly: $1.99 (Option to renew every month for as long as you need it)
  • 14-Days: $1.49 (Option to convert to a monthly number)
  • 3-Days: $0.99 (Option to convert to a monthly number)

Voice Calls

  • Calls To/From Regular Numbers: 2.5¢ /min
  • Calls Between Shuffle Users: Free

Text Messages (SMS)

  • Messages To/From Regular Numbers: 1¢ /message
  • Messages Between Shuffle Users: Free

Picture Messages (MMS)

  • Messages To/From Regular Numbers: 3¢ /message
  • Messages Between Shuffle Users: Free

Email Aliases

  • Message Forwarding: Free

Blocked Calls And Messages

  • Charged per incident at the same rate as a regular call or message. We have to pay our service provider to process the call or message before we can execute the block instructions set by users.



  • To avoid abuse of the service, users are required to have a positive account balance of at least 5¢ for Shuffle-To-Shuffle calls, text/picture messages and email forwarding.
  • Currently you can only create Shuffle numbers with area codes located in the US or Canada. Calls and Text/Picture Messages to/from international numbers are not allowed at this stage. 
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