Pricing Structure

Shuffle’s pricing model is completely transparent and very affordable. We don’t believe in the 'credit' model that disguises actual cost to users. Every Shuffle Number, Call, Text/Picture Message has a clear cost attached, while Email Forwarding is free.

Shuffle’s billing works like a pre-paid phone service. We deduct service fees from your account balance as per our pricing model below. All prices are in US Dollars. 

Phone Numbers

  • Monthly: $1.99 (Option to renew every month for as long as you need it)
  • 14-Days: $1.49 (Option to convert to a monthly number)
  • 3-Days: $0.99 (Option to convert to a monthly number)

Voice Calls

  • Calls To/From Regular Numbers: 2.5¢ /min
  • Calls Between Shuffle Users: Free

Text Messages (SMS)

  • Messages To/From Regular Numbers: 1¢ /message
  • Messages Between Shuffle Users: Free

Picture Messages (MMS)

  • Messages To/From Regular Numbers: 3¢ /message
  • Messages Between Shuffle Users: Free

Email Aliases

  • Message Forwarding: Free

Blocked Calls And Messages

  • Charged per incident at the same rate as a regular call or message. We have to pay our service provider to process the call or message before we can execute the block instructions set by users.



  • To avoid abuse of the service, users are required to have a positive account balance of at least 5¢ for Shuffle-To-Shuffle calls, text/picture messages and email forwarding.
  • Currently you can only create Shuffle numbers with area codes located in the US or Canada. Calls and Text/Picture Messages to/from international numbers are not allowed at this stage. 
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