Shuffle Phone Numbers

How To Create A Shuffle Number

  • From the "Home Page" tap on the "+" button (Top Right)
  • Select the "Phone Number" tab at the top
  • Enter a Name that describes your new Shuffle Number
  • Then enter the 3 digit Area Code of your choice (The rest of the number is automatically assigned to you. The number you get will depend on the list of numbers available for the area code you entered at the time of request.)
  • Select the duration you need a number for; 3-days, 14-days OR 1 month with the option to renew
  • For monthly numbers, toggle "Auto Renew" ON/OFF
  • Tap "Create My Shuffle Phone Number"


  • Once a Shuffle number expires, or is manually deleted, we remove all Call, SMS and Voicemail history from your account and local device. We also delete the history from our servers for privacy and security reasons, therefore are unable to restore your information.
  • Once a number is deleted from your account, it is removed from our servers and released back to Twilio, our service provider. At this point we are unable to retrieve it and add it back to your account. Please ensure your account has sufficient credits for renewals.

Click here to read more about Area Codes


Number Settings

  • From the "Home Page", tap the Shuffle Number which you want to edit settings for
  • Tap the "Gear Icon" (Top Right) on the following screen
  • You can then change the Name, Voicemail and Auto Renew settings from this screen
  • Here you also have the option to convert a short-term number to a monthly number



Each Shuffle number comes with its own voice mailbox and personalized greeting.

  • In the "Settings" section of your Shuffle Number, select "Voicemail Message"
  • Then either select "Recording" to record your personal greeting or "Text to Speech" and edit the default text with your personal greeting in the message box. (Tap "Save" after making changes to your settings)
  • To listen to your message greeting select "Play Your Message" at the bottom of the screen.

In support of the open source community, we have chosen to use LAME under the LGPL license for our audio encoding. LAME is developed and managed by the folks at mp3dev.

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